Warehousing and storage of goods -  The clients of Rousse Free Zone can expand and optimize their warehouse and logistic network through establishment of distribution centers on the territory of the Zone.

Trans-shipment operations - Rousse Free Zone has its own railroad and road approaches that provide entrance and exit of different cargo to and out from its territory. The Zone has excellent technical equipment and facilities for performing of trans-shipment operations.    
Mooring and bunkering of river vessels
Truck scale  -  Rousse Free Zone has also truck scale for measuring of heavy duty trucks up to 60 t. and with capability of control measuring of the axle load. 


Completion of transport and customs documents necessary before the customs points.

Reservation and return of licences for international freight transport.

Representation  before the Customs point “Free Zone” in terms of entering and removing goods. 

Assistance in issuing, reissuing and authentication of certificates of origin of goods.

Consulting on different regulations and legislation in force in the Republic of Bulgaria.

24-hour security control and video-surveillance.


Rousse Free Zone invests continuously in infrastructure and the improvement of its material and technical base
Through the first quarter of 2019 Rousse Free Zone plans to finalize the complete renovation and rehabilitation of Building 4, on the area of 2160 sq. m. to meet the new customers. ...
"ROUSSE FREE ZONE", PIC 117001983, Bulgaria, 7003 Rousse, 71 Tutrakan Blvd., 107, tel.: +35982880-800, +35982831-113, e-mail: