InfrastructureThe infrastructure of Rousse Free Zone includes:

- own road and railway approaches;
- railway loading/unloading station with four tracks and capacity of handling cargo and containers up to 32 tons;
- railway ramp facility;
- transloading vehicle ramp;
- depot for light-oil petroleum products with a capacity of 40 000 m3;
- Port for public transport of regional significance equipped for bunkering and mooring of river vessels. Port delimitation from km. 487.900 up to km. 487.500;
- 60-ton truck scales capable of control measuring of the axle load;
- petrol station;

Rousse Free Zone is gasified, electrified, water supplied and has telecommunications, Internet and sewerage system.

At present in the industrial-logistics center is being built an intermodal terminal.


Rousse Free Zone invests continuously in infrastructure and the improvement of its material and technical base
Through the first quarter of 2019 Rousse Free Zone plans to finalize the complete renovation and rehabilitation of Building 4, on the area of 2160 sq. m. to meet the new customers. ...
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