Rousse is situated in Northeast Bulgaria and occupies 127 124 sq.km. of the territory of the country. The city is an important national transport and communications center located on the right bank of the Danube River.

The most important road transport facility – the Danube Bridge which is connecting the country with our northern neighbor Romania is located in Rousse. At the proximity of 17 km. away from the city is situated airport with international license "Shtraklevo".

Rousse has a well developed road, rail and river infrastructure. Through the city intersect major international roads that connect the country with neighboring countries: E-85 connects Ruse to Bucharest, Romania, pass through Haskovo, Svilengrad and is the main route to Greece and Turkey, also main route to the countries of Central and Northern Europe and from the Aegean to the Baltic Sea. E-83 connects Rousse, Pleven and Sofia, and it’s the main route from Greece to Russia. E-70, connects Rousse to Varna, starting from the town of La Coruna in Spain and ending in Varna, connecting the Atlantic to the Black Sea.

The city appears as the intersection point of Corridor VII - the Rhine-Main-Danube, and Corridor IX - Helsinki-St. Petersburg-Moscow-Kiev-Bucharest-Rousse-Alexandroupolis providing the link between the Baltic and North Sea, on the one hand, and Mediterranean and Black Sea, on the other.


Rousse Free Zone invests continuously in infrastructure and the improvement of its material and technical base
Through the first quarter of 2019 Rousse Free Zone plans to finalize the complete renovation and rehabilitation of Building 4, on the area of 2160 sq. m. to meet the new customers. ...
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